Father Galvin founded and opened the Bondolfi Primary school about 30 km south-east from the city of Masvingo Province in 1952 .He established Bondolfi Primary school at Old mission about 1 ½ km in the south before it was moved to the present site

Father Galvin wanted the children of Bondolfi community to grow spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually.
Bondolfi Primary School draws its pupils mainly from the local community. The school also enrolls blind pupils from every corner of Zimbabwe. At the moment, the Priest-In charge is Reverend Father R. Mutuzu who represents the Bishop of Masvingo Diocese at Mission Level. The Education Secretary is Reverend Father J. Munyanyi who is the link person between the school and the Ministry of Education.
Admittedly, Bondolfi Primary school is one of the Catholic Schools that has churned out people of high social status for over fifty years in the community and in the country.

Bondolfi Offers Mathematics, English, Shona, Environmental Science, Social Studies, HIV and Education, Braille, Religious and Moral Education, Home Economics, Metal work and Music. The children of grade 5 to grade 7 make a choice either to take up Home Economics or Metal work, Functional integration takes place from grade 3 to grade 6.
The school enrolled 521 pupils. The special class for the under achievements has six boys and thirteen girls and the Resource Unit has two boys and two.

Out of 25 dedicated and child friendly teachers, 6 members of staff are degreed, 14 teachers obtained Diplomas of Education and 5 teachers hold certificates in education. We have a specialist teacher for the blind pupils who has been in the school for the past 24 years. The staff members teach from zero grade to Grade 7. The goal and desire of teachers is to raise the quality of education for the school so that the children become good citizens in the future.

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